Membrane Filters Pvt. Ltd.

Company – At a Glance

  • Provides an ULTIMATE SOLUTION adopting 'state of art' ultra-Filtration Membrane Technology to give bacteria free and virus free pure, safe and fresh drinking water
  • Promoted and spearheaded by Mr. Subhash Devi, a manufacturing veteran having worked with world renowned Alfa-Laval group for almost 30 years before retiring as the Managing Director of LKM-India, a subsidiary of Alfa Laval Group
  • Started its operations in the year 2003 for mass-scale manufacturing and commercialization of membrane-based filtration and purification systems by becoming non-exclusive yet the sole licensee of the membrane technology created at National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India.
  • With the help the technology & state of the art manufacturing facility, the Company innovates unique products through product engineering & product integration to produce the most cost effective water filter that is ideal for handling water generally less than 500 TDS or the surface water.

Product Profile

1) Purioin FnP - Amrut Dhara

100% Pure, Bacteria-Free & Virus-Free Water Purification System.

2) Purioin FnP - Madhu Tara

Integrated system for removal of dissolved iron from bore well water and 100% Pure, Bacteria-free & Virus-free water filtration cum Purification System.

3) Purioin FnP – ELITE

100% Pure, Bacteria and Virus-Free Water Purification Equipment

4) Purioin FnP – MAGIC

The only Filter in India that works without Electricity and delivers Bacteria & Virus-free water through '5' stage filtration.

5) Purioin FnP – MAGIC AUTO

Delivers Bacteria & Virus-free water through '5' stage filtration. With Auto Flush feature for Automatic Flushing for Rejected Water.

6) Purioin FnP – PLUS

100% Pure, Bacteria and Virus-Free Water Purification Equipment.

7) Purioin FnP – XL

100% Pure, Bacteria and Virus-Free Water Purification Equipment.

Contact Us

Corporate and Registered Office:

Mr. O. K. Balraj
601 & 602, Nucleus Mall,
1 Church Road, Camp,
Pune – 411001,
Maharashtra, India
Tele/fax: 020-66203549
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