Geneombio Technologies

Company – At a Glance

  • GenOmebio is among the very few players in the domestic market, including diagnostic chains, hospital chains and pharma companies dealing in predictive healthcare and research
  • The Molecular diagnostics company with focus on genetic screening (advanced human pathogen detection), qualitative research has developed patented processes that reduce cost of diagnosis and lead to more accurate & predictive treatment. Included amongst its other offerings are Veterinary Genetic services and Contract Research.
  • Founded in 2005, the Company has a state‐of‐the‐art facility equipped with latest technology & US FDA approved equipments at Pune.
  • GenOmebio currently has a B2B focus with hospitals and diagnostic chains as clients
  • The company has made several such innovations including Mycobacterium tuberculosis PCR test, HIV DNA test or HIV proviral DNA PCR, Syringe technology for blood collection, transportation and (delayed) DNA extraction, Pharmacogenomic test to predict Finasteride efficacy in controlling hair loss, Predictive genetic test for diabetes type II, Manufacturing of DNA size standards, etc.

Services Offered

1) Human Diagnostics

  • Genetic Diagnostics using advanced Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and state‐of‐the‐art fluorescent chemistry and Real Time PCR platform for predictive and personalized treatment of diseases such asTB, HIV, Hepatitis B/C, Blood/Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's, birth defects life style diseases etc) based on advanced pathogen defects, detection and related genomic analysis
  • Established in year 2005, the molecular diagnostics is their core service offering
  • This division constitutes ~ 80% of the revenue

2) Clinical Research

  • Contract research services include DNA Sequencing, DNA Cloning, Bacterial Identification, Fungal Identification and DNA Fingerprinting
  • Contract Research Services are also provided for Gene Expression Services, Pharmacogenomics Services, Site Directed Mutagenesis, Microsatellite Genotyping Services and Pathogen Detection

3) Veterinary Services

  • First commercial company within India to be fully equipped in veterinary genetics offering services such as advanced genetic disorder screening, paternity verification and molecular marker assisted selection in cattle and buffalo for milk production traits in organized dairy sector of the country
  • Some of the domestic players who were provided genetic screening services are BAIF, Chitale dairy, Government of Gujarat and Sumul dairy
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Contact Us

Corporate and Registered Office:

Mr. O. K. Balraj
601 & 602, Nucleus Mall,
1 Church Road, Camp,
Pune – 411001,
Maharashtra, India
Tele/fax: 020-66203549
E-mail ID: